Campaigns App - Domo Markup Language in Distribution Lists

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Are there escape characters in the domo markup language?

I am using the markup language operand "Is in" to filter email attachment datasets based on the recipient in the Campaigns App. I run into problems when the data values I need to filter on include commas.

For example… Recipient A's email attachment needs to include the following values:

  • No
  • Yes, Additional work found

My filter is … value1 is in No, Yes, Additional work found

The second value is not captured in the output. I attempted using , or \002c in place of the comma too

Any recommendations?



  • Are you enclosing your values in double quotes?

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  • mrobelo
    mrobelo Member
    edited April 2023

    no, the filter values are not enclosed in double quotes

    if I add double quotes value1 is in "No", "Yes, Additional work found", my report output is blank because it seems to be looking for the exact value of "No" instead

    My filter in the distribution is quite literally value1 is in No, Yes, Additional work found

    this is the format i follow with values without commas and have no issues filtering for example: value1 is in blue, orange, purple, red