Video Views Metric via TikTok Conector

I'm trying to pull video views from Tiktok conector, but it seems as this metric isn't available. There are over 210 metrics available but for some reason, video views isn't there.
Can someone advise me on how I can get video view data?




  • Hi, @lilia - are you using the TikTok connector, or the TikTok Ads connector? The TikTok connector is third-party, meaning created by a Domo partner or customer, not Domo itself.

    I did a quick look into the TikTok API, and it seems video views (listed as "view_count") should be included in the result, assuming I'm looking at the right API documentation.

  • lilia
    lilia Member

    Hi Dan,
    I'm using TikTok Ads connectror

    → Performance Report V3

    → Auction (ad service type)

    → Basic (report type)

    → Auction_Campaign (Data level)

    Thank you for looking into this!

  • Hi, @lilia. I'm not familiar with the TikTok API, so I don't know what data it provides. It could be that some metrics are only provided for specific types of API calls (the API call executed by the Domo connector depends on how the connector is configured). You could create a new TikTok Ads connector and experiment with the various configurations (I suggest starting from scratch rather than experimenting/testing with the connector you built previously, so there's no risk of downstream impact of the testing).

    I'm going to check in with some of my colleagues to see if any of them have experience here. I'll let you know if I learn anything else.


  • Hi, @lilia.

    I believe the reason you weren't seeing video views was because of the "Data Level" setting you chose (auction_campaign). Please try changing that setting to "AUCTION_AD".

    It is basically what mentioned previously: some metrics may not be supported depending on the particular way you've configued the connector; and often that is a limitation in the source platform's API (TikTok, in this case).

    Hope that addresses your question!

  • lilia
    lilia Member

    Hi @DanBrinton ,

    Thank you for your reply! I tried different variations of the setup but I'm not able to get video_views. I see 'video_view_25p', 'video_view_50p', 'video_view_75p', 'video_view_100p', however I'm not getting video_views. It pretty much feels as this metric wasn't included in the code for the query for this report.

    I'm including two screenshots - one of them for AUCTION_AD and another one for AUCTION_CAMPAIGN. "Video_views" aren't available. In these screenshots, you can see both options support the same number of available metrics, which is 210.

    Are you able to check the dataset for yourself? I shared it with the DomoSupport. If I shere the link, would you be able to check it out?

    Thank you,