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Can anyone help me with Regex for an email connector. I have an email with two separate xlsx files. I've noticed the email connector will automatically default to the first one and I'm having difficulty getting a connector to pull the other.

I tried setting up a separate connector to pull a file if the Attachment name expression contains "RMP". But it doesn't seem to work… How do I write REgex to pull the file if the Attachment Name Expression contains "RMP"?


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  • MarkSnodgrass

    @GrantSmith is the Regex guru. He will be able to put something together for you.

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  • ArborRose


    I haven't been doing regular expressions in Domo. But the regular expression above says use case insensitivity to find "rmp" or "RMP" or "rMp" etc in the string.


    Would find RMP2 but would not find RMP.

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  • NathanDorsch

    The proposed Regex is not working. This can't be that difficult! @GrantSmith or someone, can you please help me?

  • MichelleH
    MichelleH Coach
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    @NathanDorsch Try this: .*RMP.*

    For future reference is a great resource to test whether your Regex works as expected

  • NathanDorsch

    THANK YOU. @MichelleH