Daniel Galley - SharkNinja


Hi all, I'm from Los Angeles but relocated to El Paso, TX during the pandemic!

I've worked in IT for 20+ years and also had a bit of a career in the music industry as a recording engineer.

Prior to joining SharkNinja, I implemented Domo at Walker Advertising and served as their Major Domo. I've been a Domo Sapien since late 2018.

Outside of work, I love music, playing piano, playing poker, trivia, and movies!


  • AnnaYardley
    AnnaYardley Domo Employee

    This is awesome. Thanks for being a member of our community!

  • JasonAltenburg

    Glad to e-meet you again Daniel! Would love to see a Domo Community Trivia contest!

  • ColeStuart

    @sn_dgalley - I am technically your replacement at Walker haha.

    It's been fun working with Tanner and the team. Hope you are well, you did a lot here at Walker

  • dgalley

    @ColeStuart nice to meet you sir! Hope Walker is treating you well! I'm actually planning to come down for the Christmas party so hopefully I'll see you there. Yep, Walker was an adventure!