Jason Altenburg - RXA


Hiya! I'm Jason Altenburg, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence at RXA, a Domo and BI Consulting organization specializing in data science, data engineering, and business intelligence. I've been using Domo since 2016 during a data transformation initiative at La-Z-Boy Incorporated where I was a Business Analyst and then a member of the data team.

I am currently working on a Domo For Good initiative with a local charity Oaks Village, and would love to connect with others in the Data For Good, or non-profit space. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or on this post!

I'm a born and raised Michigander, currently living in Monroe with my wife and children. My hobbies include playing with all these new AI toys, guitar, gardening, walking our GoldenDoodle Tucker, and raising our chickens (we're up to 10 now!)


  • dgalley

    Hey Jason! Say hi to Giacomo for me. :-)

  • AnnaYardley
    AnnaYardley Domo Employee

    I'm excited to follow your journey with Oaks Village. That's awesome!