Grant Smith - PraxisMetrics


Hello to the Domo Community! I'm Grant Smith, Data Application Architect at PraxisMetrics, a Domo partner consultancy. At PraxisMetrics I build and design different solutions on the Domo platform focusing primarily on the e-commerce sector. Previously, I've been in the healthcare, retail, e-commerce, and financial sectors.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing board games that make you think, and answering questions on the community forums.

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  • JasonAltenburg

    Hi Grant, thank you for being such a knowledgable expert, and for always taking the time to respond back to my random questions. This community is truly lucky to have you and your amazing mind as a presence on these forums!

  • GrantStowell
    GrantStowell Domo Employee

    Hey Grant! Thanks for beign an outstanding community member! And for having such a great name! 😉

  • AnnaYardley
    AnnaYardley Domo Employee

    This community wouldn't be the same without you!