Aquib Mehdad - Aus Wool Innovation


Heya! I'm Aquib, currently a Data Analyst/MajorDomo at Australian Wool Innovation. You might have seen our marketing brand, Woolmark, around media or on your clothes.

Based in Sydney, I've been using Domo for more than 4 years. Outside of helping my colleagues and my peers ( 👀), I'm out enjoying some of the best beaches, hikes and coffees in the world. We'll definitely get along if you're into football/soccer.

It's great to be here on the forums! 🤙


  • JasonAltenburg

    Howdy Aquib! Glad to see you here, and great to have you as an expert on the forums!

  • AnnaYardley
    AnnaYardley Domo Employee

    So jealous of your beach life. You are one of the fastest climbing community members Domo has ever seen on the Forums. We're so happy you're here as a key contributor.