Aquib Mehdad - Aus Wool Innovation

Heya! I'm Aquib, currently a Data Analyst/MajorDomo at Australian Wool Innovation. You might have seen our marketing brand, Woolmark, around media or on your clothes.

Based in Sydney, I've been using Domo for more than 4 years. Outside of helping my colleagues and my peers ( 👀), I'm out enjoying some of the best beaches, hikes and coffees in the world. We'll definitely get along if you're into football/soccer.

It's great to be here on the forums! 🤙


  • JasonAltenburg
    JasonAltenburg Contributor

    Howdy Aquib! Glad to see you here, and great to have you as an expert on the forums!

  • So jealous of your beach life. You are one of the fastest climbing community members Domo has ever seen on the Forums. We're so happy you're here as a key contributor.