The dataset id is incorrect or verify the scope


I am working on connecting my domo dataset with salesforce connector. But I am getting this error - "The dataset Id is incorrect or your account does not have the correct scope, verify your settings and try again" . I have confirmed that my dataset id is correct & have selected user and data in scope. Can you confirm the possible reason of this error



  • user003262
    user003262 Domo Employee

    Hey @gaurav_mudgal

    Is this a writeback connector? If yes are you the owner or co-owner of the input dataset?

    Does your Domo client application have both user & data Scopes?


  • Hi,

    Yes it is writeback connector. Also i am the owner of the dataset. Also in scope both user & data is selected in client id.


  • Hi @user003262 ,

    I have enabled this connector yesterday only . I think there is some issue in the setting of this connector. I am getting below error. Can you help me on this issue