Creating drill down visuals without having to create a new data view

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Hi, I am trying to create a drill-down visual for a bar graph in my dashboard but the fields I need to create the drill-down visual are in another table and when I either join the tables or replace the table for the drill-down visual when I hit save and close it asks me if I would like to create a new view. Wondering if there is a workaround for this.


  • @Utz If the fields don't already exist in the dataset used to make your bar graph then you will need to join it to the dataset that does have them through a dataflow or view. If your original dataset is already the output of a dataflow then you can add the join to the existing dataflow.

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    Hi MichehelleH, so if Domo creates another view for a drill-down visual that is consisting of a different dataset will domo charge for this extra view created for this drill-down?

  • @Utz To clarify, are you referring to Dataset views or drill layers? I'm not sure if Dataset views count against row limits, but you can reach out to your AE or CSM to confirm.