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I am trying to make a heatmap. I created a beastmode to help organize the hours to go in chronological order (attached screenshot). However, this doesn't seem to be working (attached screenshot). I am not organizing the times by count in the filters. Could anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!



  • RobSomers
    RobSomers Coach
    edited March 2023

    @chrissy Your hour beastmode column is in text so it is sorting it in aplphabetical order, so 1 pm comes right after 1 am alphabetically speaking. Try creating another beastmode that gives hours 1-11 a value of 1 and hours 12-23 a value of 2. Then add this beastmode as a sort before your hour sort.

    Alternatively, you could get the time value instead, using this and see if that sorts the issue out:

    TIME_FORMAT(TIME('virtual check-in date'),'%h %p')

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  • @chrissy I agree with @RobSomers that it is not sorting correctly because it is viewing the field as text. You can also sort by HOUR(`virtual_checkin_date`) since that is already a numeric field.

  • Hi @RobSomers

    Thanks for your help. I tried to do what you suggested, but struggled. I am probably doing the forumla wrong. As you can tell (in the screenshots) it still did not sort by hours. I tried the other two beast mode recommendations you and Michelle recommended but it still wouldn't sort by hour. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

  • @chrissy Does it sort correctly if you change the order of your sort fields (i.e. drag “Number Sorting” above “Sorted Day of Week”)?

  • Hi @MichelleH -

    Unfortunately it does not, it just rearranges the numbers again