Disable Variable Control under certain condition?


Hi, I have a dataset that contains Final data and Preliminary data. Final data contains both 1st party and 3rd party delivery, but Prelim only has 1st party. We have a dashboard that visualizes this data with a single select slicer that filters by either Final or Prelim.

I have a variable control on our dashboard that lets salespeople toggle between 1st party delivery and 3rd party delivery. However this only applies when the data is filtered by Final. Is there a way to disable/grey-out the variable control when the Prelim slicer is selected? This is not urgent but it would avoid confusion since the toggle control doesn't actually affect the data when filtered by Prelim. Thank you.


  • GrantSmith

    Currently this isn't an opiton. What you could do is utilize a beast mode to check to see if they have Prelim selected and then return a string to use on a text box card to display a warning above your variable control letting the user know 3rd party isn't available.

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