Can you turn a date range into each individual date in the range?


I have a start date and end date with a total sum of hours to work.

These are each 10 days with an average of 3.2 hours and 2.8 hours respectivelivy. Is there a way i can display each indiviudual day of the date range with the work per day? Something like this?



  • GrantSmith

    You'll need to prep your data via an ETL to do this. You can pull in the calendar dimension dataset from the Domo Dimensions connector.

    In the etl filter your calendar dataset to be after your first date in your dataset and exclude any dates in the future with a filter tile formula

    `dt` >= DATE('2020-01-01') AND `dt` < CURRENT_DATE()

    This will reduce the amount of records your ETL will need to process and make it run faster.

    Then add a constant to your dataset and the filtered calender dataset with the value of 1.

    Join these two datasets together on this new join column constant.

    Feed the result into a filter and filter where the dt field from the calendar dataset is between your start and end date.

    Then use a formula tile to calculate the work hours per day.

    `work` / DATEDIFF(`plannedEndDate`, `plannedStart`)

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  • randall_white

    That worked like a charm. Thank you!