Scheduled job fails to run when DOMO dataset is deleted


I've set up a job in DOMO workbench to pull data from SQL Server and upload it to DOMO instance. Below are the details:

Job Details

Transport Type: MS SQL ODBC Data Provider
Reader Type: Database Query

DOMO Details

Dataset Name: test_schedule
Dataset Type: Workbench ODBC

I'm just using a normal select * from <table> as database query.

On the first execution, it runs fine and I can see data uploaded successfully in my DOMO instance.

But, if I delete this created dataset on DOMO and try to execute the job again, it fails.

My assumption was that it would recreate the deleted dataset on executing the job again.

Please let me know if I'm missing something or if any details are needed from my end.



  • MichelleH

    @akki If you deleted the dataset, you may need to recreate the Workbench job. In the future I'd recommend overwriting the original data by setting the update method to Replace, instead of deleting the dataset.

  • akki
    akki Member

    @MichelleH Yes, I've set the update method to Replace.

    Was trying to understand the behavior of workbench in case the dataset is deleted, while the job is scheduled.

  • MichelleH

    @akki My understanding is that once a Workbench job is scheduled, then it needs a valid dataset destiantion. If the dataset is deleted, then it no longer knows where to load the data. The cleanest way to resolve it this issue is to rebuild to job since creating a job will also create a destination dataset in your Domo instance.

    You should avoid deleting the dataset associated with a Workbench job if you plan on using the job again because of this. Setting the update method to Replace BEFORE deleting the dataset allows you to overwrite the data in the existing dataset instead of having to delete it.