Custom Connector Returning Empty Data


I'm trying to build a custom connector for Validity to monitor our email sender scores. I have been successfully doing this in Python and pushing up to Domo for several weeks now, but I need it schedulable within Domo so we can wake up to the newest data.

This is the raw result I get when I run the same config in Postman. Essentially a nested JSON with all the data I need.

I have the authentication working and I have the endpoint working as evidenced by a 200 status code, but all it return is the below. Looks more like an HTML outline of what I was hoping would be something full of data. Is there something that I'm missing to actually access the data?



  • user003262
    user003262 Domo Employee

    @Parker_Lake Please try adding the header 'Content-Type' as 'application/json'

  • GrantSmith

    If you do a DOMO.log in the connector IDE code, is it returning the same JSON you're seeing with Postman?

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