Beast mode function to get 5% after getting the sum


I have a beast mode function that adds several rows, but I can't figure out the beast mode if I want to get 5% after getting the sum. For example 5+5=10 multiply by .05 to get 5% of 10. My current beast mode to add several rows is below-



  • GrantSmith
    GrantSmith Coach
    edited March 2023

    Are you wanting each row to have that 5% value or just a single summary number?

    if you want each row to have that number you’d need to use a window function

     0.05 * SUM(SUM(IFNULL(BuyerDebit,0)+IFNULL(SellerDebit,0)+IFNULL(BuyerCredit,0)+IFNULL(SellerCredit,0))) OVER ()
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  • MDavis

    Thank you Grant, I may have to go with with a window function since I would need each row to show the 5% value.