Is there a way to create a dark or black border around a card?


the users want the tables and cards to stand out better form the Wite background of our company logo but the only way I know how to is to change the collor.
they just want a border or a shadow to make the card stand out



  • akeating
    akeating Contributor

    Changing the background color of the page may get you closer to that. You can do that under Options when you're in Edit Dashboard.

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  • DanielShurina690

    I tryied and they said no, they want the Company logo that has the white background.
    I was just hoping there would be an option to put a border around the cards

  • ST_-Superman-_

    @DanielShurina690 - I think your only option currently would be to try to create the visual using a DDX brick. However, this would be a good feature request to add.

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