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Hiya, does anyone out there know best practice (if possible?) to set more dynamic date ranges?

Say I want to display “campaign to date” e.g. launch was on 2/4/2023 and I want my dashboard/cards to display data from that fixed point through [today] (variable) — how is this achieved?

The only options I can see are either fixed - fixed, meaning the user would have to constantly update the date ranges, or defaults like last month, last quarter, year to date, etc.

Thanks in advance for any advice.



  • ArborRose

    You can create a custom calculated field based on programmed condition. The field could handle the conditional by adding or subtracting from the current date. Such as CASE WHEN campaign_to_date > 2/4/2023 and campaign_to_date < current_date() THEN 1 ELSE 0 END.

    Then use that as a filter to display when calculated field = 1.

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