Microsoft Exchange (Email Attachment) Connector


Hey Dojo community,

I've been using the below connector for some time to pull calender information, that powers a card showing prospect meeting's and their status.

Domo | Domo

Recently, the credentials for this connector have stopped working, and i'm unsure if it's to do with the URL it asks for, does anyone know what format this should be in?

I have been trying to use the following to no avail...




  • BCorless
    BCorless Domo Employee

    @Strongreece When I looked in the appstore at creating a new connection, it appears there are a number of connectors that were once available to pull data from Microsoft Exchange, but some of these have been deprecated (likely due to API endpoint changes or deprecations).

    I would suggest trying to set up a new connection using the "Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Connector" found in the appstore. The credentials it asks for are the client ID and secret.

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