Dynamic Image for Users

jmmc Member

Hi everyone - we're trying to create a page where a user can log in and see their own personal dashboard. Is it possible to add an image for this user to the dashboard that is dynamic in that it shows the image from a url that is for their user id?

The url values would come from a domo data set that maps to the user id.


  • yes, you can use the HTML table card to display this. You would create a beast mode that has the necessary HTML code to display the image, like this:

    CONCAT('<img src="',`Profile Picture URL`,'" style="width:128px;height:128px"></>')

    In this example, the full URL to the image is in the field called Profile Picture URL, but if you just have the ID, you can build the URL in the concatenation as well.

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  • jmmc

    Thank you Mark! I appreciate the response.

  • travorhouse

    @MarkSnodgrass, the only downside would be that it displays the line around the line and column name for the table with the image, right?