Has anyone gotten replacement variables to work with the ODBC connector on a consistent basis


I am trying to utilize replacement variables on ODBC connector queries to move towards incremental APPEND queries instead of REPLACE queries.

However, it is taking multiple attempts to get the workbench to save the replacement variable. Without saving it, I keep getting "Replacement parameter does not exist for column XXX"

It seems very strange that such a powerful feature works so poorly, and does not seem to have much (if any attention from Domo.)



  • GrantSmith

    I have noticed it being a bit finicky in the past trying to save the replacement variable but I had the most success when pressing enter after typing in the replacement variable value and then saving the workbench job.

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  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    This doesn't work for me… frustrating…

  • BSovers

    i think I finally have it working consistently.. After setting the replacement variable value, go back to the query, make an insignificant change (add/remove a space at the end of a line), and apply.