Form Builder and Form Viewer Transformation


I am trying to take the data I receive from form viewer forms that are submitted on a regular basis. The Answers I receive are put in a value column all together. I know on google forms you can create your own columns to have a nice flow of data coming in. I am trying to have an output of:

Date: Model: Serial: Yes: No:

2023-02-24 BZRVDW324SS .01/O110035289 True False

How could I set up this data to look like this? Would it be a pivot tile? I tried but did not know which ID to you as an unique identifier to pivot on.

Let me know your thoughts....



  • ArborRose

    Can you parse the values using a CASE statement? Something like the following would create three columns: date, model, serial number containing the values found in the data.

    CASE WHEN Label='Date' then value as 'Date'
    WHEN Label='Model' then value as 'Model'
    WHEN Label='Serial' then value as 'Serial'

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  • TOccon
    TOccon Domo Employee

    @gbrown using a CASE statement could work! You can also transform the data in Magic ETL using the “Pivot" function.