Manual update and auto update?

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I am looking to move a google sheet into Domo. My question is we have people inputting about 20-30% of the data and the rest is sitting in a couple other data bases within Domo. Is there a way to both update that sheet by tying it together with and ETL from other sheets yet still retain the ability for user to input data manually when needed? How would I control it to only write in missing info from the other sheets and not over write data added manually by users? Something like this even possible within Domo?



  • I'd recommend looking into the logic on how a recursive dataflow ignores data that's included in the updating dataset. You can do a left join from your user updated dataset to the database dataset and only keep the records in the database dataset where the user updated identifiers are null. Then append the data together after filtering our the records which exist in both datasets.

    Here's the recursive documentation for reference:

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  • Thanks I have only done a recursive data flow once and I am not sure it worked 100%. Had wondered if that was the path I needed to go down, but will go down that road then.

    Follow-up question: I think one problem I might run into is the team right now is only imputing missing data. I would need somehow to push that data back their way so they could see what is missing. Is that possible or maybe within the recursive data flow itself that solves itself? Or is it maybe possible to feed the sheet they are working on before it hits the recursive data flow? Seems maybe a bit circular...