Need help with Date Range/ Period to Date


As you can see top right, Domo has a selection Date Range, Period to Date, and if I click on Week to Date, my 3 cards will update date dimension to current Week to Date, Month to Date, Quarter to Date.

I'm trying to create a filter or a button to do same functions Period to Date: WTD, MTD, QTD, YTD without clicking on Date Range, Current. The reason for this filter is I can place it on the main dashboard and my stakeholders can easily see WTD, MTD buttons and they can select Period to Date.

Can someone please help me? I appreciate your help. Thank you.


  • I would suggest using the variables feature to build this functionality. You can use the radio button control in the variable to have your different options that can be selected. Then, build a beast mode that would perform the correct date operation based on the variable selected using case statements. Then, drag this into your filters on the card so it will filter based on the selected variable.

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  • ksturdivan

    Hoping to see this feature released in the future, as well.