Summing Values Between Dates & Comparing to Other Values

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I'm looking for help with a problem I'm having comparing pay for a pay period to a providers billings.

I have removed rows for simplicity in the screenshot below, but I'd like to sum the `Billed Amount` between the `Period Beginning Date` and `Period End Date`. Then I'd like to show that info on a bar graph with the Pay Period on the x-axis and both the sum of `Billed Amount` and the `Gross Pay` on the y-axis. The `Gross Pay` does not need to be summed. Just a single value needs to be used.

The part/s I'm having trouble with are how to setup the ETL function (Rank & Window I think?) to sum the billed amounts per pay period, but also how to set up the x-axis on the graph to be bi-monthly periods matching the pay periods.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.




  • GrantSmith

    Have you tried using SUM on your billed amount and MAX on your gross amount with a group by function in an ETL grouping on your provider and pay period dates?

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  • foppc

    Thanks Grant.

    I haven’t. Ideally I maintain all the rows of data because there are many more columns in the actual data set that are being analyzed. I supposed I could do that and with a separate output and then join it back to the original data set and use a max function for both?

    Do you have any ideas for the graph?