Will the Twitter connectors be updated?

nbezzant Domo Employee

With Twitter beginning to charge for API access, will connectors have to be updated? And should we expect to begin charging customers for access to the Twitter connectors?


  • BSovers
    BSovers Member

    As a "Domo Employee" @nbezzant , you appear to be closer to the issue than any of us (simply Domo users). Do you know anything more about this, or when the Twitter Connector will start working again? It has been inoperable since 2023-03-30, with no updates on https://status.domo.com/ since Monday!

  • nbezzant
    nbezzant Domo Employee

    @BSovers the official communicaion I received on March 30th was as follows:

    Our Twitter and Twitter Advanced Connectors are currently experiencing an outage due to an API change.  Our Twitter Ads API connectors are not affected.  We are currently working with Twitter to restore access to the Twitter and Twitter Advanced Connectors.  We will provide updated information as it is available.

    I have not received any updates since then on this. Your customer success manager will be the best individual to contact around further information in regards to updates to the Twitter connectors.