What is the difference between Multi cloud and federated?

vivekmani28 Member
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What is the difference between Multi cloud and federated? 

We use snowflake for data warehousing, trying to figure out what's the best way forward.

and is there documentation that spells out these differences.



  • RobSomers

    @vivekmani28 A "multi cloud" solution with Snowflake would mean that data is imported from Snowflake into Domo and the data is stored on your instance. The federated version of Snowflake is a connection to your Snowflake instance but the data isn't stored in Domo. Instead, whenever the data is needed (viewing a card with the data), Domo queries Snowflake and the data is sent to Domo to be visualized. One big drawback is you can't do any ETL's with federated datasets because the data isn't actually in Domo. Here's an article from Domo about federated data and the benefits and drawbacks:

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