Views of Federated Snowflake Datasets

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Last week, I created a federated connection to a table in Snowflake. I created a view off of that data set so that I could use it in Magic ETL etc. When I look back now, the view says last updated 7 days ago. There is no update button or update frequency for me to change.

I want the view to be updated consistently as the table is updated in Snowflake, or at least once a day.

Please help, Domo community! Does anyone have experience with this?


  • Jessica_L

  • GrantSmith

    Views like federated data sets are refreshed when they are accessed. They are not like a regular date of the days that which would update based on a time or other DataSet updating. This means that they only get updated when the data is requested as in when viewing a card built off of these data sets, you can’t create a view off of a federated dataset and have it get updated automatically.

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