How to do a running sum of count from current month backwards with consecutive months


I am trying to make a beast mode calc where I calculate if there's a count in the current month, it's a 1, and if there isn't, it's a 0. However many months it goes back consecutively it will add to the total count. I.E. if there's a count (or sale) in Feb, Jan, Dec then that will be a count of 3. Currently I am trying to use a window function that will give a minmum of 1 for each month so that I can potentially just sum the 1's going back consecutive months.

what I have so far. For this example I want a count of 3 because there's feb, jan, and dec.


  • GrantSmith

    You'll need to do the first part within an ETL as you're needing to do a window function on a window function which isn't possible within a single beast mode.

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