What is the best password policy for Encryption on Workbench


We have a requirement to encrypt a few fields while uploading via workbench. What will be a good encryption password policy? Let's say we have ten fields that need to be encrypted, and 30 users need access to them that they can decrypt with a password.

  1. do you create 30 different encryption passwords
  2. how do you manage these passwords ( FOR forgotten password or periodically changing the password)

If you are encrypting your field in the workbench, please give us some pointers.



  • GrantSmith

    You can't use 30 different passwords to encrypt the data unless you have 30 different datasets which I highly recommend against as that's quite a bit of management overhead.

    Typically using a password manager where you can grant or revoke access to the different accounts / passwords is good practice so you don't have passwords floating out in the wild.

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  • Mohan_Pat

    Thanks Grant