I am trying to remove duplicates so that I only count the result of the last batch run

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Hi can anyone tell me how to write the forumla for this? I tried to add a formula to the ETL but did not know what formula I would need as I wasnt successful with any I tried and I'm a novice!




  • GrantSmith

    Add a constant to your dataset and call it grouping column and set it to 1. Then feed that into a group by tile and group based on the grouping column. Select the MAX of the _BATCH_LAST_RUN_ field. Then use an inner join to group that result back to the original dataset where the two dates match.

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  • MichelleH

    @user028582 Rather than using a formula, I'd recommending using a Row Number function in the Rank & Window tile to identify the last batch (order by last batch date, descending). Then you can use a filter tile to only include data where the row number = 1.

  • user028582

    Thank you I am a novice so I am not sure what this looks like-could you direct me to a tutorial or visual example?

  • MichelleH

    @user028582 Here is a knowledge base article that shows how to use the Rank & Window tile and Group by in Magic ETL: https://domo-support.domo.com/s/article/360044876094?language=en_US

    Either method will get you what you need, so let us know which one you want to try and we can help answer any other questions.