How to display column value in Smart Text without selecting filter value?

I have setup a dataflow which adds last updated date/s columns to a dataset because preceding dataflows run daily even though the true data update frequency is monthly or less.

I would like to show the value in this column in a smart text filter but the value will only appear where the smart text is inserted when the filter is applied. If I apply the filter to a current last updated date then next month, after the last updated date changes, the data will all be filtered out until the new filter last updated date value is selected.

Any ideas on how to get around this problem of dynamically and automatically surfacing last updated dates within a dashboard where you are joining multiple datasets with different update frequencies.


  • @Josh_Overett Your use case sounds like it's better suited for a Summary Number rather than Smart Text. Here are a few KB articles that can help guide you on out to display a date in the summary number using beast mode:

  • Appreciate the response and thanks for the suggestion. The only issue is that many of the cards where I want to add this already have relevant summary numbers. We would lose some functionality in replacing these summary numbers with the last updated date. Also the prominence of the summary number, being larger text and directly above the chart, is too great compared with the small text of the description.