Does anyone use the Entrata connector?


  • Hi @Scott_Leeds01, let us know if you're seeing a particular error when connecting or if it's around finding a particular field/report from Entrata.

  • @amehdad if using the connector, how often is the data updated in Domo? versus emailing the report, because that way the data only gets updated when the report is emailed and that is usually done automtically once a day, correct?

  • Hi @ScottLeeds, the data, using the Entrata connector and many others in the Domo catelogue, can be updated as often as once an hour. Regarding email connector, the update is dependent on how the report has been setup but usually, yes, it is once a day through that option.

    Let me know if there are any other questions.

  • Thanks @amehdad! Have you had any experience getting the Entrata connector setup into Domo? I can't figure out how to get the correct Report Filters in JSON format to get the connector setup.

  • Hi @ScottLeeds, sorry I don't have experience with Entrata. It seems that the JSON code should be something that Entrata support can provide so please reach out to them, and if that's not successful, then reach out to Domo support.