I'm looking to write a Beast Mode to extract hashtag strings from social media posts

Shwane Member
edited March 2023 in Beast Mode
Hello, I want to write a beast mode to use as a card filter to filter by hashtag strings in posts. Can you write a beast mode to extract all the strings following the # symbol?

 "Mmmm #yummy #donut at #CZ"

I want to filter the card by every post that contains either yummy, donut, or cz.



  • @Shwane You can use CASE WHEN and LIKE to accomplish this (assuming it's just the three things you're looking for:

    case when 'post' like '%#yummy%' or 'post' like '%#donut%' or 'post' like '%#CZ%' then 'Yummy/Donut/CZ'

    else 'Other' end

    If you have a bunch more tags that you would need to extract, then it gets a bit more complex.

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  • Thanks, Rob, but I do have many more Posts to extract unfortunately. I've been trying to use substrings with no luck. So far, my best bet seemed to be using regex in Magic ETL.

  • @Shwane when your string has an unknown amount of phrases you are looking for, you are going to need to use Magic ETL to break it up. I created a video on how to do this. In my case, I am looking for spaces, so you will need to change that and look for the hashtag, potentially.

    Here is a link to the video:


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  • Thanks, Mark! I'll check out the video today and apply it to my case. I've been trying to use RegEx within Magic ETL and was able to obtain the first hashtag from a post but not the ones after the first.