Fixed filter allow : multiple allow



maybe it’s me, but I don’t seem able to specify multiple dimension in the filter allow or filter deny using the fixed function ?

When I try it, only the first column is used, not the other.

ex : sum(sum(count) fixed (by ‘name’ filter allow ´date’, ´region’))

’date’ will work but not ´region’


  • GrantSmith

    It should allow multiple columns with a comma. Is your code using back ticks ` or actual forward ticks´ and it's just a copy and paste issue?

    The documentation clearly outlines multiple columns are allowed:

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  • Adrien

    Thanks Grant !

    Yeah the document was saying it was allowed but I was not able to. But found out why finally.

    My problem was that I tried to fixed and allow a filter that also affected the list of named showing in the card. Dumb error lol.

    For the tick, they were ok in my code, just not ok in my translation here on the forum :)