Domo Account Attributes

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Hi Community members,

My Team mate created domo account for snowflake and updated values in it like Snowflake User, Role , Warehouse etc.

It is shared with me. I can only use it and read data via this domo account. The problem is that I cannot edit or view attributes like what is role , warehouse and any other attributes.

Is there a way in meta data table or somewhere i can see this info.



  • Aditya_Jain

    Hi @faisalnjit ,

    If you teammate who has created it, makes you the owner of the account, then only it's possible for you to make any changes there.


    'Happy to Help'
  • faisalnjit

    I think transfer of ownership on account is not possible... unless creating ticket with domo can do the magic and they can do it for me.

  • MichelleH

    @faisalnjit That's correct. If you need to make changes, then your colleague who created the account must do it. Otherwise you would have to create a new account yourself and transition all existing datasets to the new account. In general I recommend creating a dedicated "Account Owner" user to own all dataset accounts.