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I have a slicer on my page that's a list of a series of roughly 2-week time periods. Some are past, one is current, some are future, like this:

2022-p24 (past)
2022-p25 (past)
2022-p26 (past)
2023-p01 (current)
2023-p02 (future)
2023-p03 (future)

Note that the parts in parentheses are not actually in the slicer-- those are just notes. Ideally, I'd like the past ones to be one color, current another color, and future yet another color. If that's not possible, I'd like the current one to be highlighted. I have added another field that successfully identifies each period as past, current, or future, and this updates as time passes. But is there a way to accomplish what I'm describing? If not exactly, is there another way to accomplish something similar, even if a different card type is used?

Here's a mockup of what I'm looking for:


  • Jessica
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    You could do something with an HTML table and use the color rules but it would be a table with a column header, then, provided the field is in the data on the page, have the table card impact the rest of your cards so when that row/cell in the table was clicked on it it would filter the rest of the cards on that page.

    Otherwise anything else is DDX bricks or developing an app with coding to create colored buttons that function as filters and I don't believe anything is packaged with that deliverable.

  • AKnowles
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    Also, if you would like to suggest something like this to be implemented into the slicer cards you can do so by posting a suggestion here:


    If this a suggestion above helps the customer resolve the issue on their end, please provide the outcome of this case for addressing any future issues that may arise.

  • Nice, that's good to know about. Thank you. I'll submit the suggestion.