Calculations using analyser or beast mode


Hi, I have figures from a dataset that I need to carry out calculations on (addition, subtract etc). In the attached, columns 'CAP' and 'ITB Not Built' use different filters to get the final number.

All I need to do is add CAP and ITB Not Built together for each client.

Pipeline is just these two figures put together.

Balance is Target - Pipeline.

It's fairly straight forward, I can get all the data in individual cards but I wasn't sure on the best way to carry out these calculations?



  • GrantSmith

    You can utilize a formula tile in a magic ETL dataflow or just use a beast mode.

    I'd recommend utilizing the Magic ETL as that will take most of the processing and allow cards to load faster.

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  • G_Grey
    G_Grey Contributor
    edited January 2023

    Can you provide a little more commentary about what exactly you are looking to solve for here? It looks to me like you've already figured out the solution.

    If you're looking to calculate numbers based on different filter criteria I'd recommend using a CASE statement on a beast mode or in magic ETL to solve.

    Pretend I'm running a fruit stand -- I have 3 apples (that are red), 2 peaches (that are pink), and 5 blueberries (which are blue). I want to lump anything that is red or pink into a 'red' bucket.

    I can write a beastmode called 'red fruits':

    CASE WHEN fruit color IN ('Red', 'Pink') Then SUM(Quantity) End

    This would add apples and peaches together.

  • louiswatson

    So we have our yearly targets: Client A = 80, Client B = 100, Client C = 40

    We need to work out our balance of sites that we need in order to hit yearly targets, the calculation is 'Target - Completed Awaiting Power - Instructed and not built'.

    At the moment I have figures for completed awaiting power and ITB not built in separate cards, but I wasn't sure how to get these figures into one dataset in order to carry out the calculation.

    The screenshot in the previous comment is on Excel, I just need to replicate this in Domo.

    Does this help?

  • DashboardDude

    Hi @louisshh ,

    Also trying to help, but still confused by what has been written. I'm fairly unclear of what you're trying to do. If you can maybe send a video instead that might clear things up.

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