Can we include live commentary/Notes into DOMO Table card existing on dashboard?



  • G_Grey
    G_Grey Contributor

    A couple of ideas on this --

    1.) Some visuals, although not the table card, have a feature called annotations. Depending on your table structure you could show a data table below a bar chart (or another chart that supports annotations) to leave commentary. Here's an example where I call out 'look at all this cake' when planning a super soft birthday party.

    2.) Another idea is, depending on how your table is structured and source you might be able to add a 'commentary column' and show the comments in this way. You could probably also write a beastmode case statement to write a commentary column.

    3.) You can add a rich text card to write commentary in that could be paired with a table. Here's an example of where to find that and an example of some notes being written and a screenshot being inserted. These boxes support lists, text, images, tables, links and smart text.

    Hope this helps.

    Might be a cool idea to request annotations being added to table cards in the idea exchange.