How to show different values in same card?


For example to show : to build a card that shows following from data:

  • Users with no pictures
  • Users with no organization connection
  • Users with no job title
  • Users with no department


  • travorhouse

    Is there a specific card that you're trying to display different values in?

    I would suggest just creating a table and filtering the columns only to include fields when there is no value. If you provide me with more context, I will be happy to give you a better answer.

  • rupinderkaur87

    Hi @travorhouse ,

    For example if the dataset is like this:

    and card has to be built showing following:

    -Users with no pics

    -users with no department

    -users with no title

    -users with no ORG connection

    then how di i show everything in one card?

  • Kunal
    Kunal Contributor
    edited December 2022

    Hi Rupinder, you will have to use DOMO's new Variables feature to get this done. You will have to link each column with each variable basically.

    Follow this video and you pretty much have to replicate how they created BM Dimension

  • rupinderkaur87

    @Kunal , thanks for sharing this, i will go through this video and try it