Unable to create a dataset

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We have added a dataset and while trying to add dimensions and metrics in settings, we are receiving an error:

"Domo is ready, but Adobe Analytics responded with an error: User does not have access to the global dimension for this request."

We have Administrative Access to Adobe Analytics.


Any Suggestions would be appreciated.



  • @Grazitti Do you have admin access to Domo? If not, please check with your Domo admin whether they need to change your access.

  • @MichelleH Yes, we do have Admin access to Domo.

  • @Grazitti What is the name of the connector you're using? According to this KB article, there is an Adobe Analytics Connector is depreciated and cannot create new datasets: https://domo-support.domo.com/s/article/360043433593?language=en_US

    It looks like there are a few other connector options in the Appstore, so I would suggest giving those a try to see if you can create the dataset you need.

  • @MichelleH Thank you for your input on this.

    We used JWT Connector to integrate DOMO with Adobe Analytics. We are able to pull up the basic report. There are a few dimensions and metrics that we are unable to fetch while creating the card in the dataset, neither it's displaying in Data Field.

    The deprecated one is named OAuth.

    We are able to add the required metric to the dataset but are unable to fetch those while creating the card.

    Attached is the screenshot for your reference:

  • I'm having this same issue - I have developer access in Adobe, Admin access in Domo, and was able to create a third party account for the JWT Connector. Yet, when I try to run a report, I get the same error message.