Anyone experiencing Shopify connection issues?


I have tried to create a new Shopify connector by using our domain name and user login. Everything works up until that point. After signing in to Shopify, I get the error:

"Oauth error invalid_request: Your account does not have permission to grant the requested access for this app. You may be able to resolve this issue by installing the app as the account owner"

Do you have to be an account owner (admin?) in Shopify to connect data to Domo? Not exactly sure what I'm doing here as I'm using another person's Shopify account to create the dashboard.


  • TheScotsman
    TheScotsman Member
    edited December 2022

    Update: I had an account owner sign in and it says that the Domo app is no longer included in Shopify dashboard, so I still cannot connect Shopify data to Domo

    Disclaimer: I am using the Shopify QuickStart dashboard to attempt to connect our Shopify data