Calculating MoM, YoY, YTD in table


Hi Domo users, I have been trying to figure out how to represent some values in a revenue table and hoping you can help. Here is what I have so far:

As you can see above, I have something like this cable that I want to replicate in Domo. For the most part I can do this in a pivot table in Domo, however I am not sure how to get the MoM (Change between October and September given that October is the current month) and YTD (July is the beginning of the fiscal year so would be a calculation of all of the total of all of the months) and YoY (difference between October last year and this year).

Is this possible to achieve?Hoping someone can help. So far here is my Pivot table in Domo which produces the revenue table, however not the last calculations.



  • Hi @mroker ,

    So first, you'll need to do a bit of data cleanup. Having the names of the months at the top isn't the best hygiene, but I have you covered. If you can get your data to just be Category, Date, Sales, that's cleaner. If not, you can transform it. Anyway, after that, you just need some basic formulas to get MTD, YTD and YOY.

    I made a video for you showing you how to do it:


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  • German_Rodriguez
    edited September 2023

    Great video, thank you, The playlist is one of the best, Thank you

    can you show how to limit the last YTD to show the same number of dates as the YTD, for example YTD shows data until today (9/8/2023) last YTD should show data until the same day the previous year (9/8/2022)

    thank you