LAG / LEAD function misses the last iteration


Hi experts!

I'm using the lead / lag function in beast mode to find out the last row from each group of index rows simply by comparing the value of primary key of next/previous. It works accurately except it misses the last / first group (last when using lead and first when using lag).

Here's my beast mode code:

And, here's my data table and result of the calculated field...

If you see it correctly punches '1' for the group Canada, but misses for US. If I use the lag function, it punches value for US but misses for Canada.

One way I could think of is to punch '1' by default for the last row, but I couldn't found the way to use WHEN and identify the last row - if you could help me with that, it would be great.


Currently, I'm using a sloppy workaround of using both ๐Ÿ˜‹ (see below) - it works but I want to do it much cleaner way.

Current workaround:

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  • Pritesh

    Also, if there's only one group, then lead/lag doesn't work at all!!

    So, in that case, I just want to punch '1' for the last row. Is there a way to use CASE..WHEN..END to punch a value for the last row? something like...





    Using MAX & FIXED BY works in general, see below...

    ... but when I apply filter on that calculated field to show only latest row, it picks the first row with blank version irrespectively. Ideally it should have filtered the row with version "2022-11-08-0014", however, it picks the row with blank version irrespectively. I even tried to sort the versions with descending order but doesn't work...

  • Pritesh
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    Hi - rank() and count() did the work!