Has anyone had success in reporting on the notes object in Salesforce?


I am trying to see if I can report on the notes object in Salesforce. Notes can be associated with other objects, like leads, accounts, and opportunities.

We have reporting on almost all other objects currently, but can't seem to get to notes, figured I would check with the community.



  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    Say you go into the Salesforce Advanced connector and pick Browse Objects and Fields...if you put in "note" in the object dropdown as the wildcard, does the 'Note' object and others appear for you to try and connect to? Depending on the SF deployment there could be custom named note objects in use that you'd want to talk with the SF Administrator to help identify.

    To identify whether it's a credentials issue, you could always try using SF's Data Loader tool to query directly against the note object using the same credential that's in Domo. If you're not returning data there, then it's probably going to pull all nulls in Domo as well.

  • Thank you so much, I didn't consider that it could be a credentials issues. I'll circle back with my SFAdmin and check on both creds and if we have custom note objects that could be muddying this up!