Filtering Rows without Displaying Them / Same-Store Comparison


I have a dataset of sales data with one record per store, per day, across multiple years. I used @jaeW_at_Onyx's offset date table solution to get YOY and POP comparisons; but I'm not positive that's relevant to my [hopefully simple] question.

I'm trying to create a filter for same-store comparisons. I am defining same-store as: locations who have YTD sales this year >0 and also had YTD sales >0 last year So; in a date range; if a location made money last year but not this year, they are excluded.

Here's the kicker: I want an aggregated total in my visualization, without displaying Location in the rows. In other words, I want our total portfolio same-store sales.

I can get this working by displaying Location in the rows of my pivot table but as soon as I remove it, it fails. I've tried fixed and windowed functions and I'm coming up empty.


  • MichelleH

    @chapman Can you please share the fixed and window functions you've tried?

  • chapman

    Hi @MichelleH! in both cases, I was thinking I could either do a FIXED (BY Location, Date) or SUM OVER (PARTITION BY Location, Date).

    I guess what I'm trying to do is aggregate on a location/date level, then filter on that without actually displaying Location and Date in the table.