How do/will connectors work with MFA?


Hi everyone... I'm trying to use The Trade Desk connector but when I fill in the credentials when setting up the connector, it fails as it can't authenticate. My assumption is because both of the accounts I tried to use (and I'm presuming all Trade Desk accounts) have multi-factor authentication enabled. I'm told you can't turn it off either.

So my question is, how can I get this to work, but from a larger perspective, how do (or will) connectors support MFA in the future?



  • gpont

    Connectors do not work with MFA unfortunately. Most APIs have alternate methods to authenticate. In this case, Trade Desk has short term and long term API tokens. Domo is using the short term. You could work with your CSM/AE to see how hard it would be to ask Domo to allow you to authenticate with a long term token instead of a short term token.

    If you can't create an account without MFA this may be your best option.

  • chookalien

    Thanks gpont... I thought that might be the case. As I can't even tell if the Trade Desk connector gives me the data I need, I'll just go with plan B and create a flow that ingests uploaded csv files exported from Trade Desk.