Javascript API Requests Continue to Result in 401 Errors


I've been working on creating an app within React JavaScript and am looking to import data through an API request to DOMO dataset. I've tried to use XML HTTP Requests, Fetch requests, and jQuery Ajax requests as well, utilizing my dataset's id and passing in my log in and/or client credentials to the request.

Despite these different efforts I have been unable to successfully call the API and encounter numerous 401 errors. What other steps do I need to take to complete this call successfully? Am I able to utilize these types of calls to DOMO?

Sample code snippet for Fetch Call:

const apiUrl = "{id}"

async function getUser() {

const response = await.fetch(apiUrl, {

method: 'GET',

headers: {

'Content-Type": "text/plain",

'Authorization': 'Basic' + btoa(username : password)




const data = await response.json();



  • atric

    Update: I now seem to be calling into the API utilizing an access token but am now producing 302 errors along with Failed to Fetch errors. Any clue on how to resolve these?