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We're using DOMO Embed API and we have a client who would like us to create a report rather than a dashboard.

They have requested functionality which would allow them to simply click a button built into our UI that would export the content.

We plan to build the report out just as if it was a dashboard embed however, the concern is that we may not be able to print as pdf per customer request.

Does anyone have any insight as to whether this is possible or done anything like it before?




  • Hi @wilbaile ,

    One option you have is to put their emails so schedule a report to your clients each day, week etc. It will just be a picture more than a PDF, but you can attach the underlying excel file as a table if you need.

    Your BEST option though seems to be to just allow exporting on your embed options. Here's a video I made of your possible solutions: https://www.loom.com/share/2038362b634a42389dfcb59b7aef8b33

    Good luck,

    John Le

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  • wilbaile
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    edited November 2022

    Thanks @DashboardDude, super informative video.

    All the info in your video is super helpful but to be a bit more granular about what we're trying to accomplish I've included a screenshot of the flow below.

    Basically, we target that print action button from the dashboard page without ever actually loading the page (at least not for the user to see in the UI). We're trying to generate a Report that can be downloaded on demand from within that UI.