Variance bar line cards - multiple variance lines question

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I have a yoy card with three bars and two variance lines. I only want the variance line to show for the current period. I tried unselecting it in analyzer and saving, but that does not work. I also tried unselecting it while viewing it and saving the card and that doesn't work either. Any other suggestions?

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  • @SEC Could you please provide some more details on how your card is currently configured (chart type, fields used, chart properties, etc.) and where specifically you are trying to unselect the variance?

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    @MichelleH Hi Michelle, I'm using a variance bar line chart type and I am visualizing the last three years of sales volume so my data shows ytd, 1 year ago and 2 years ago for volume, the variance 1 year ago and variance 2 years ago. I am not seeing where I can not show variance 2 years ago. I tried to unselect it in the legend and save it and it removes it in the analyzer view, but not after I exit out.

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    Hi @SEC I believe the number of variance lines is determined by how many years are selected in the "Compare To" section of the date picker. If the extra variance line does not remain de-selected when you save it, then I recommend switching to a Grouped Bar + Line graph and managing everything via beast mode. @GrantSmith has put together a detailed write-up on how to create PoP cards in beast mode: