Joining only where Unique ID matches

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I have 2 data sets. Data Set A and Data Set B.

Data Set A.

Has 6k rows of data and about 50 columns, and it has a unique column ID That can be matched a Unique ID within in Set B.

Data Set B.

Has 20k rows of data and about 30 columns, this also has a unique column ID.

The Unique Column ID will match up on about 1000 different rows of data. I want to create a data set of just those 1000 rows. Is it possible to have the two data sets only join where those columns match?

I am fine if you point me to past ?'s and or articles, I am just stumped and have not been able to figure it out. FYI I was able to figure out what I wanted in Excel by pasting both data sets on to one table and then using the indexing function ( see below) and then filtering my results just hoping I can make this work in Domo too. Here is the function I used in Excel.

=INDEX($E$2:$E$6000, MATCH($A2, $F$2:$F$1000, 0))

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